Sunday, November 16, 2003

My Claim to Fame

If everyone has a secret power, I think mine must be the power to burn myself every time I cook. Right now, my knuckles still hurt from where I brushed them against oven rack just before I jerked my hand up and hit the top of the oven.

Nothing permanent, but it hurts like hell.

I still don't have feeling along one part of my left pinkie - that was from the time I picked up the grill pan without an oven mitt - 15 minutes after I removed it from the 400-degree oven.

When I fry food, every grease splatter seems to find its way to my exposed arms. When I bake, inevitably I shall pick up the cookie sheet or cake pan without an oven mitt (I haven't dropped any cookies or cakes yet, though).

I'm thinking someone should give me my own show on the Food Channel - I'll go in and cook up a chicken and show people how easy it is to burn yourself or cut your finger off or set the house on fire.

However, so people can take advantage of my long years of experience -- cool water works well in the short term. Build up callouses on your fingers, so that you simply don't feel the burn (plus you can impress the hell out of people at parties by holding your hand inches over an open flame - I hear the ladies dig that a lot . . . it hasn't worked yet, but I'm optimistic).

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