Tuesday, November 18, 2003

It's Raining Again

It took me nearly two hours to make it into work this morning. Normally, it takes around 20 minutes, so I had a lot of extra time on my hands to reflect about my situation. OK -- actually, I made funny faces at the drivers around me. Fortunately, traffic was so backed up no one could call the cops on me, and even if they could, Johnny Law couldn't have caught me, since it took about 30 minutes to go a half mile. Not good conditions for a high-speed chase.

Apparently, a pothole caused all of this mess. That must have been one hell of a pothole -- the grandfather of all potholes. Do you think it had little notches on its side, telling us how many cars it destroyed this morning?

Honestly, it's only rain kids. Nothing to get too worked up over. You don't need to slow down to five miles per hour, nor do you have to come to a complete stop when merging into traffic. That water that's falling from the sky? It's not a sign of the end; it's a natural phenomenon. Really -- I wouldn't lie to you. (Well, yeah, I would actually, but you would enjoy it, because I tell only the most entertaining and flattering lies).

What's the over/under on all the leaves on the parking pad I share with my neighbor being over on my side of the pad by Thursday afternoon? Damned retired people. They can do anything to my yard while I'm not around to give them dirty looks. I'll show them -- I'll be sending them an anonymous cranky letter. That'll learn 'em.

I usually like rain, but this is getting old. 38 more days and I'll have to speed up construction on my ark. Anyone know the conversion for cubits to inches?

If you can name the band who sang referenced in the title, I'll be impressed. If you have an MP3 of the song, I'll be scared, and in your debt if you send it to me.

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