Monday, November 03, 2003

Am I alone in finding those "Average Joe" commercials on NBC a little insulting?

Here's this rather attractive young woman, looking for love (on national television - the first place I would think of checking out. Of course, given my successes of late, it might be worth a shot . . . ), and NBC sets her up with 16 "average" guys.

From the snippets NBC has fed us, it looks like the producers hit every Star Trek convention and sports bar they could find.

Now, I'm sure these are great guys here. Hell, I'm sure some ladies out there will find them cute. And I'm sure I could probably hang out with some of them happily.

But why does NBC have to show them as a bunch of inept losers?

One of them runs into a tree while catching a football. One of them beans the other in the back while playing doubles tennis (I'm not sure that wasn't intentional). One of them seems like he's getting ready to show her his Captain Picard costume.

So is NBC saying that the average guy, who doesn't look like Adonis and kiss like Don Juan, is so backwards and inept that NO woman will find one of them attractive, let alone her?

Television depresses me sometimes.

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