Monday, November 03, 2003

I Dream of . . . NPR?

It was a crisp, clear autumn afternoon. I was hiking along a rapidly-flowing creek, watching the leaves bob and dance accross the surface of the water. The air bit into my cheeks a little, and the creek whispered its soothing lullaby to me.

I came to a house, where President Bush and Vice President Cheney were having a
conversation on the porch, when a woman screamed. I looked over, and a baby was drowning in the creek! I dove in and saved the child.

Two reporters walked up and started to interview me, and suddenly they started talking about soldiers who were killed in Iraq yesterday.

Then the President said "Nice job, boy!" Gave me a thumbs up, then started telling me what the weather would be today.

The alarm finally penetrated the fog. Don't you hate when NPR starts cutting into your dreams? I need to find a new radio station to wake up with in the morning.

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