Monday, June 12, 2006

Duller Than Dirt

After suffering through a few minutes of Windfall last night, I decided that I'd probably be the most boring lottery winner ever. Granted, getting picked up by helicopters or buying small amusement parks for your kids is a fun way to use your winnings, but I'm guessing the second season (we should be so lucky) will be the winners going through bankruptcy court. Now that my annual foray into prime time network television has come and gone, it's time to turn off the TV for another three months.


Anonymous said...

Brian-I think you are being too hasty on your TV decision. After you got last comic standing, Treasure hunters, and the granddaddy of all summer reality Big Brother. That bad boy gives you 3 full nights of TV viewing. And as for the rocketteer, well there are exceptions to every rule.

Gordon said...

If I had won a ton of money in the lottery, I would probably...invest it in savings and stuff, and still live cheaply.

Plus, I'd go to Vegas and have one hell of a weekend.


Brian said...

Don't doubt for one moment that after investing wisely, I'd have an epic Vegas weekend that may well kill me, but at least I won't be in bankruptcy court. Criminal, perhaps, but bankruptcy? Nope.