Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I Certainly Sleep Better at Night

I keep Trudy's food in her largely unused crate in the dining room. The crating experiment was a miserable failure, and rather than see Trudy hurt herself trying to get out of the crate, I just use it to store her food and water. Her bed rests on the opposite wall.

Sunday night, I sat in the living room, watching my sixth hour of poker (it's not a problem yet -- I can quit any time), when Trudy roused herself from a nap, staggered over to the side of the crate and stared.

I looked at her curiously, wondering just what the hell she was doing. She held her head low, staring at something. I began thinking senility was starting to affect my old dog, when her tail started wagging and she bolted into the kitchen.

Yep. She found a mouse.

And then she spent the next two hours searching for her new playmate, despite my shouting at her to catch it, but no - she just scampered around, wanting to play with it.

Heaven help me if someone busts in here at night. I'm not even sure she'll wake up.


Tracie said...

Man, you have some mouse issues don't you! I have found that dogs typically either want to play with the mouse, or just simply ignore it. Wanna borrow my cat? :)

Brian said...

Be careful what you offer -- I might take you up on it. I've almost hit that point.

I'll have to have an interview for your cat first, though - I'll need to see his mousing credentials. References are always nice too. ; )

Tracie said...

Brian: "So, Pandora, what can you bring to this establishment?"
Pandora: "Meow!"
Brian: "Really? Well, tell me, what do you think your strong points are. Mmhmm. How about your weaknesses?"
Pandora: "Rowr.."
Brian: "And where do you see yourself in ten years? No! Wait, come back! Tracie, she's chasing a twist tie around again!"

Ha ha! Well actually, not to disapoint you, but my poor kitty probably wouldn't know what to do with a mouse anymore! She started out as a stray, but has been so spoiled I doubt she even remembers what they look like!

Oh, and sorry about the interview nonsense...I couldn't resist... ;)

Brian said...

First off -- I love the fact you named your cat Pandora - what a great name for a cat.

Well, I'd drop a toy mouse in front of prospective cats to see how they handle themselves. Although, Tigger, my mom's cat is the standard by which I judge mousers - 17 pounds of feline fury.

And the interview cracked me up - just envisioning me sitting at the table with the cat opposite me was a funny mental picture. : )

Gordon said...


After I first adopted my cat, Dax (shortly after I moved into my first apartment), I would often come home from class and see half a dead mouse in my doorway, and Dax grinning contentedly. (And yes, I kept getting rid of the mouse corpse).

Needless to say, I've never had mouse problems, and Dax has a resume and references.