Thursday, November 11, 2004

Music Matters

So I've become cool and picked up one of those iPod thingys. Yep. Now I'm hip. I could feel my hipness just flow forth from me the minute I began playing it.

And I'd share my "Guilty Pleasures" list with you, but frankly, I'm not up for the relentless teasing. However, if you can guess three songs on it, I'll share the whole list with you. But I'm not giving any clues. Because once you saw the list, I'd be shunned from human society forever.

But that started me thinking. As I organized my music collection into something more cohesive, I know I have several albums that few others have. Everyone does. Here's some of mine:

The Complete Works of Goober and the Peas - WAY back in college, I went to see this band called Uncle Tupelo. They'd just released their second album, "Still Feel Gone" and my buddy Ryan convinced us to go. My musical tastes were never the same. The second time I saw Uncle Tupelo, this small band of guys in cowboy suits opened for them; they were tight; they were fun, and they threw straw all over the audience. They were Goober and the Peas. I found this album in a used record store six years ago, and I shall never, never, never, never part with it.

Hem - Rabbit Songs - I heard about this band on NPR one day. Their lead singer has one of the most beautiful voices I've heard (and they found her by placing an ad in the Village Voice); they sing traditional folk songs, and every song on this album is perfect. I always return to this album; it's comforting, reassuring and simply lovely.

Josh Rouse - Under Cold Blue Stars - How many albums do you know that tell the story of a young couple, recently married, who inherit a house in the South, start raising a family, suffer through poverty, marriage troubles and ultimate reconciliation? Not too many, huh? This one always finds its way back onto my playlist, and with good reason. "Miracle" and "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure" capture the sheer joy of being alive and in love.

The Innocence Mission - Glow - Acoustic songs about growing up, faith and friendship. It's a nice change of pace from a lot of "music" you hear on the radio or elsewhere today. I frequently write while listening to the Innocence Mission. Hell. I'm listening to it now. It's slow, quiet and reflective - perfect music for a Sunday evening - or any time you're looking to just have a nice sit and think session.

So now I've told you some of my selections, what are yours?


Anonymous said...

Taking a stab at it... They Might Be Giants Sting Barry Manilow :)

Gordon said...

First, I'm going to guess, as far as your guilty pleasures - Duran Duran, Quiet Riot, and "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes". You seem like a big-hair-music guy.

Let's see...albums I own that nobody else does...

FOREVER CHANGES by Love - It's getting a lot more press nowaways, but this is a really cool album - it's Muzak with soul. Strong songwriting. Perfect Sunday afternoon music - I actually gave this album to a woman I had feelings for as a birthday present. Hopefully, she thinks of me as she plays it.


ALL MOD CONS by the Jam - in my opinion, their strongest album/best songwriting. Dug it in high school, have really learned to appreciate it as an adult.

THE EFFECT OF EATING TOO MUCH TELEVISION by Rocket Park - saw these guys "live" at Vintage Vinyl, and they ended with a killer version of "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone". Next day, KDHX Trivia Night, won this album as part of a silent auction.

I'll have to go through my collection - can't think of anything else offhand.

Brian said...

They Might Be Giants would actually make me look cool. Nope. No one's guesses have come close. My total loser status can remain for awhile longer . . .