Monday, May 03, 2004

Commercial Deconstruction

A cute kid walks into a room. Two puppies run up to him and start licking his face, because, you know -- it's a commercial, and if you want to sell something, use a cute kid, and if you REALLY want to sell something, throw in a couple of puppies. But I digress.

The cute kid's parents debate which puppy to take home. The cute kid cutely says, "I have an idea." Cherubic smile brightens screen.

Cute kid grows up to be cute young adult, and he works at Petco, where he convinces some poor little girl to take two kittens home.

So I guess my question is this: is this ad saying that Petco is the place for employment for those with little or no ambition? Because I'm tempted. Really.

Of course, maybe I'm jaded and cynical. That may have affected my interpretation somewhat.

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