Sunday, February 29, 2004

My House Orchestra


That's the sound that came from a section of the walkway behind my house as I walked over it yesterday. It sounds like quicksand, and many of the stones are framed with mud.


Found two more sections later - same walkway.


Storm door on the back porch.

drip drip SHHHHHHHHH

The toilet - every few hours.

The weather was warm, breezy and sunny yesterday. Did I repair the walkway? Nope. The screen door? Nuh uh. The toilet? Can't say I did.

I dug my bike out from the basement and went for a ride, then I hit the fields for some kickball practice.

I should probably feel bad for being irresponsible, but wasting a warm winter's day would be a bigger sin. Oh, and I'm lazy and hate messing with tools. Great way for a homeowner to be, huh?

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