Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Brian vs. Sweet, Sweet Diet Pepsi

A lone technician sits in a huge, silent room, dominated by a screen showing a Mars rover traveling over the red Martian plain.

You can see the technician is bored silly, so he digs out a sandwich and Diet Pepsi and starts eating.

As he finishes the Diet Pepsi, the sounds of a ratchet gun breaks the silence of the lab. The technician looks up to see Martians scurrying off the screen, carrying away pieces of the rover, leaving it on blocks.

That's the new Diet Pepsi ad.

Sound familiar?

Be warned, Pepsi Co. - your million-dollar lawyers and deep, deep pockets don't scare me. I'm keeping an eye on you now. (Although if you send me two cases a month for the rest of my life, I'll overlook this little indiscretion.)

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