Thursday, November 13, 2003

Random Thoughts

  • The Matrix Revolutions would have been an okay movie had they cut the first 45 minutes off of it. Not good -- but watchable.
  • Coming to a theater near you: Tom Cruise in Dances with Swords.
  • Much as it scares me to say this, Troy looks as if it might be pretty good.
  • Dec. 19 isn't too far off . . .
  • The guy who sings the background songs in those Budweiser "Real Men of Genius" ads is the lead singer of Survivor (yes -- that Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger", "High on You", etc. Not the gameshow where pretty people live in the wild and preen for the camera).
  • That extra lane in the center of the road? You know - the one you don't use? It's there so you can make a turn without impeding traffic behind you.
  • I know more about '80s music than any human being alive should. Really -- I scare myself.

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