Friday, October 31, 2003


So I'm flipping channels last night and see that ABC is having mystery writer Patricia Cornwell "investigate" Princess Diana's death.

Can you see the queen sitting in her throne, saying "Thank God! Now we'll get to the bottom of this!" Of course, given the recent "revelations" by Diana's butler, she probably isn't.

I'm not a big fan of the royal family. In fact, I really don't care about them. In fact, I'm still bitter when, for some reason, the news media in this country decided we needed a 24-hour Diana Deathwatch upon her untimely death a few years ago.

It became personal when I returned home from work after a crappy Monday afternoon, all excited to get my nerd on at home at watch the season premier of "Star Trek Voyager" that I had taped the night before. All summer, I waited with baited breath to see how the crew disentangled themselves from those pesky Borg.

I popped in the tape, but instead of Captain Janeway, I had a local woman talking about how she felt sad because she and Diana were married on the same day. For 20 minutes, she talked and talked and talked and talked.

I still haven't seen that episode, and I'm still bitter about it.

So good luck, Patricia, may you find conspiracy where none exists, and may you find an audience that actually cares. Me? I'm going to scour the TV listings to see if I can find that missing episode, which all this hoopla has brought back to mind.

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