Sunday, March 30, 2008

Human Tornado

The house looked as if a tornado swept through it - especially the kitchen. Plates, glasses - mostly intact - covered nearly every counter, and the floor looked as if it hadn't seen a broom in many months (which it had the night before, I'm just not sure I actually swept anything up).

We held a small dinner party for some friends, and for some reason, Chris and I decided that splitting nearly an entire bottle of vodka between us would be a good idea. Keeping up with the good decision motif of the evening, after they left, I figured I would straighten the kitchen a little, resulting in pieces of martini glass flying everywhere.

Fortunately, I had my trusted broom, but after I swept maybe one piece of glass into the dustpan and missed the trash can, it was decided that the mess could wait until tomorrow.

And wait it did.

I continued my home improvement run at the top of the stairs when I missed the light switch and neatly caught the picture of Darcy's grandmother that I bumped right off the wall. I followed that up by spilling the contents of a water glass all over the nightstand.

All in all, an impressive run for the evening.

Surprisingly, I don't feel too bad today, but the afternoon is young. And the cleaning was significantly easier this morning - I didn't create nearly as much shattered glass.

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Gregg said...

My head hurts just reading this post! I'm amazed you have seemingly recovered as easily as you did.