Friday, October 12, 2007

Random Musings

After much hand wringing, debating, and household disasters, we finally set a wedding date, so things are finally moving along on that front. In about six months, Darcy and I will get married on a sunny Jamaican beach. Unless it rains. Or a hurricane hits. But right now, I'm aiming for an optimistic outlook.

Other things I've been chewing on lately:

  • After two weeks of trying, I'm giving up on Please Kill Me by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain. Typically, I find the stories behind the underground or indie music scene to be fascinating. However, this book continues driving home a simple truth about many rock and music stars: they're narcissistic fuck-ups. And really, if I wanted to learn more about fascinating narcissistic fuck-up, I'd read (or update) this blog more often.
  • I actually started watching more television this year (thanks DVR!). I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but interestingly, the shows with better pilot episodes (Chuck, Reaper) are falling flat on their faces, thanks to their paper-thin premises, while shows with so-so pilots (Bionic Woman) are slowly improving. The writing is still fairly clunky and cringeworthy, but the show is in serious danger of not taking itself too seriously. And really, any show that features Isiah Washington getting kicked square in the nuts isn't half bad.
  • Watching DVDs of The Wire. This show makes me wish I'd ponied up for HBO. This is what Homicide could have been without all the "input" from NBC. Luther Mahoney was clearly a prototype for Avon Barksdale, and watching the case against Barksdale develop over the course of the season (I'm on season one) has been a hell of a ride. I'm dying for the next DVD to arrive courtesy of Netflix.
  • Wanted: uses for apples. I think we're going apple picking tomorrow, meaning my kitchen will be overrun with approximately 20 lbs. of apples. I like apples. I like apple pie. Hell, I like applesauce, but I'm hoping there might be a few other options out there. Suggestions?
That's all for now. I need to get back to actually being productive. Enjoy the weekend!


Farrell said...

Yea! Finally, a date.
Am I invited? Becuase I could REALLY use an excuse to get to Jamaica.
Also: And really, if I wanted to learn more about ...narcissistic fuck-up, I'd ... become friends with FB?
Apple picking where? Because due to our summer weather and drought, Eckert's had none.

Student of Life said...

Congratulations on setting a date. As far as the apples go, my kid's an apple-eating machine. I don't think they'd ship well, though! :)

Brian said...

Unfortunately, we went apple-less this weekend; those asshats at Eckerts made my revenge list when they canceled apple picking over the weekend (this basically means if we go there to buy a Christmas tree I'll be especially cranky).