Friday, January 26, 2007


So I guess my computer thought it was being helpful when it deleted all the files off my iPod sometime last night. And while I appreciate initiative, I would have liked a little notification so I could have maybe, say - reloaded the roughly 19 GB of music and podcasts I had stored on it, instead of sitting here poking it, staring at it and wondering how in the hell I'm going to pass the time this afternoon.

Sweet Jesus, I may have to work.


Student of Life said...

I certainly would spend a few minutes, hours, days freaking out if this happened to me. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm an ipod junkie. Junkie, I say.

Chilly said...

All that Abba and Barry Manilow gone into the ether of the tubes.

Brian said...

It's a shame, too . . . I had that really rare version of Mandy where a drunken Manilow drops the f-bomb at a concert.