Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yahoo Can Bite My Crank

I haven't been able to access my e-mail for 24 hours. Whenever I try, I get a "Temporary problem accessing your mailbox" message. To fix it, the message helpfully offers up these nuggets:

  • Click Refresh
  • Log out then log back in
Of course, when these "solutions" don't work, you're hosed. I had the same problem earlier in the year, and all it does is causes my blood pressure to spike.

Yahoo's Customer Service is next to useless, offering up some great tips like clearing cookies and clearing out the cache, assuring me it's a "transient" problem. Hint to Yahoo: how about giving real answers and helping your customers out instead of hoping it will go away.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Other than bombarding Yahoo's customer service with complaints until someone gets up and actually tries to be helpful -- I'm already doing that. Failing that, any suggestions on other e-mail service options? Because I've just about had enough of Yahoo.

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Gordon said...


Have you considered Gmail? It's got plenty of server space, you can sort, and privacy concerns aside, it's rather reliable.

If interested, e-mail me.