Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lessons Learned - Summer Edition

As the year enters the final stretch, I thought I would share with you some nuggets of acquired wisdom:

  1. Five guys buying one-way plane tickets at the last minute is deemed suspicious; who knew?
  2. However, those TSA folks down in South Carolina? Very nice and professional -- he didn't even look like he wanted to die when he opened my bag and the toxic cloud from three days worth of clothing over a three-day drinking binge wafted over the area.
  3. Southern Comfort brings no comfort. None whatsoever.
  4. 80-lb. Boxer + my crotch = much pain
  5. My girlfriend may be better than me at Scrabble; my ego is protesting this call, but numbers are numbers.
  6. Yesterday, I figured out that Jaws 3 may be the worst film ever made -- then Jaws: The Revenge stared.
  7. Volcano came on next, totally killing theory.
  8. I've seen more bad movies than any human being should, and God help me -- I like some of them.
  9. At the ballpark, everything is better in the field-level seats.


Lisa said...

Okay, now my curiosity is spiked.
Mainly on what you had in the bag...


Rachel said...

I didn't get the bag thing....Interesting list.

Brian said...

Thanks for the comments -- and oops --- those are the dangers of blogging at 2:00 AM - things you think make perfect sense made none. I edited the passage so it actually DOES make a little sense.