Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Spam of the Week

New feature hereabouts . . . my favorite spam e-mail. This week's winner:

Subject line: mcadams Mccown


Brian (last name removed - though it was misspelled),

our bank has approovted your mrtgagqe request. You can ref
inance, buy a new house or maybe get some ca s h m.
Do not worry about bad credxit: we got you covered.

The soonesft you apply, the better deal you get. It is
possiblne to get $300,000 for $250 per month.

Thank you and apply here:
(Link removed)

Lauri R. Sykes

I was kind of worried about my bad credxit, so it's good to know someone's "got you covered".

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Gordon said...


You know, I never trust anyone who has never heard the words "spell check", know what I'm sayin'?