Thursday, April 14, 2005


You know, it's bad enough that that asshat, Jimmy Fallon danced around the field at Busch Stadium after the Red Sox kicked the Cardinals' asses.

And it's even worse that ESPN has completely bought into the idea that the rest of the country actually gives a damn about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry (and they hold the other 48 states hostage with unending footage of their games).

Worse yet, Johnny Damon "wrote" a book, where apparently he brags about all the chicks he's bagged since leaving his wife and daughters. Nice.

But I'll be damned if I'm going to go to a local mall and see posters for that fucking Fever Pitch movie wallpapering the place. No. I'm calling for a Galleria boycott. Who's with me? They injured our pride last October, now they're just slapping us in the face!

Well, Galleria, you're going to have to do without the roughly $50 I spend there every year. Just remember that, punks. We'll show them what it means to keep forcing more Red Sox propaganda down our throats. Power to the people!


Gordon said...


I'm with you - we don't need the Galleria's stinkin' wood paneling, its lame-as-heck generic stores, and its near pornographic obsession with the Red Sox.


Anonymous said...

Now This is the Brian I know and love. I thought you were going soft after the whole "I don't need road rage any more" post. I figured you were shifting into the whole "I have a great girlfriend and am no longer bitter" guy, but it turns out that you were just missing a good sports rage fit since Hockey was off for the year. Thank God for the Baseball season to get the rage going. Aaron

Anonymous said...

I was just at the galleria and noticed those posters. I first noticed the corporate sellout with that movie with Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah ("taxicab" ??) Maybe they have some weird facination with Mr Fallon. Or maybe Fallon sold his soul to Satan.

Either way, I refuse to join your boycott. I need the mall and its lovely smells of commerce. I might actually start going there more to combat your boycott. Truth be told, I think I going to boycott your boycott just to be contrary.



Ian said...

If only I'd known about the boycott before today, I could have joined the effort and saved myself the $200 I plunked down on clothes (a lot, I know, but it was my first clothes-shopping trip in three years). Oh well.

I'm glad I found your blog nonetheless; it's good to encounter other St. Louis bloggers, and yours seems quite good. I'll link and be back!

Brian said...

Thanks for the comments and kind words! Power to the people! Except for you, Marty - sell out.

ZombieKiller said...

I'll not buy a single tool of bloody zombie redeath from the Galleria ever.

Viva la revolucion!

srah said...

Amen! Who gives a crap about the Yankees and Red Sox?

(Of course, I don't give a crap about the Tigers either so...)