Sunday, January 02, 2005

Lessons Learned

Here's what I've learned so far in 2005:

  • Ear infections are painful
  • Without constant vigilance, my house and life will revert to utter chaos
  • Is there anything more fun than a wedding reception where you know virtually everyone?
  • My couch is not a good make-out couch

Now that the holidays have ended, I'll revert to a more normal blogging schedule - and there may be a few changes hereabouts.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Farrell said...

makeout couch? there's a tell

Gordon said...


*Any* couch is a good make-out couch; you just need the skills to pay da bills, as we say.


Lime Girl said...

excellent. i love making out..don't care where..just love makin' out.