Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Want to Thank You All . . .

For Nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all. Sorry -- I was feeding my iPod and listening to Wilco. Misunderstood was playing, and I realized I need to do my Thanksgiving post. So here it is, things I'm thankful for this year.

  • My brother gets to remain in country for at least a few more months.
  • My family is all safe and generally happy.
  • Vegas.
  • I have a new job, a new car and a much-improved outlook on life these days.
  • Trudy, for helping me to realize that to truly enjoy life you need nothing more than a long nap and a belly rub.
  • Did I mention Vegas?
  • My iPod (which I've renamed to "My Precious").
  • Recovering from illness.
  • That I have the greatest friends a person can ask for, and that they're all succeeding in whatever ventures they choose.
  • Vegas, anyone?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Enjoy the holiday and spend lots o' time stuffing yourselves and spending it with friends and family.


Tracie said...

Just thought I would stop by and say "hello". Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing me with your unsuspecting readers. :)

Anonymous said...

Brian you mentioned Vegas three times in this post, and a couple of times in the last few posts. I fear that it might be time for an intervention. You either have a gambling problem, a buffet problem, a dancing girl problem, or a wayne newton problem. If you could please specify your addiction so we can plan to have the right kind of snacks at the "party" I would appreciate it. Happy Turkey Day. Aaron

Brian said...

First off -- Hi Tracie; thanks for stopping by!

Aaron -- you figured it out - I have a Wayne Newton problem. He's calling to me and I must answer. I have no control over this compuslion. "Danke Schoen" makes me cry. And while I'm spending all my time gambling and drinking in Vegas, I'll be looking over my shoulder for Wayne.

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving.

Gordon said...


You know, sometimes, the best way to fight a Wayne Newton addiction is Dean Martin, and plenty of it.

Hope you got really stuffed this Thanksgiving,