Monday, October 18, 2004

I'm Pissed

  • that the Cardinals have suddenly forgotten how to hit the ball the way they have all season.
  • that the Fox announcers are acting like they'd like to run down to the field and make sweet love to Carlos Beltran (Pujols is hitting better than he is).
  • that the jackasses at Operation Rescue (I refuse to link to these schmucks) are driving around town with rather shocking and gruesome images on the sides of trucks (Let's just say if I were a parent, I'd be really upset), yet it's okay - because they're "pro-life".
  • that I had to drive all the way the hell across town to meet my family for dinner, even though it would have made far more sense to meet about 50 miles closer.
  • that I haven't been able to sleep this week.

Enough ranting. Tomorrow will be a better day. Otherwise, I may start hitting the bottle or cutting something. Oh, and Arrested Development comes out on DVD tomorrow, so that's something.

Have a great night, all.

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