Monday, October 25, 2004

Frustration Under the Arch

Copy of an e-mail I sent a friend today:

It's been nice seeing the Cardinals decide to be nice
and sporting by NOT taking advantage of Schilling's
bad ankle by bunting the ball along the first base
line about 45 times last night.

I mean, I know I wouldn't want to win my first World
Series in 17 years by taking advantage of my
opponent's potential glaring weakness.

But that's okay. Boston's been particularly nice thus
far - the crappy hotel arrangements they made for the
Cardinals - the piss poor driving arrangements - the
way the fans cheered when Womack took the ball off his
shoulder. Class. All around.

At least the umpires have kept things fair - the way
the strike zone suddenly grows when the Cardinals are
at the plate and shrinks when Boston steps up.

However, I wouldn't be this pissed about the whole
thing if the Cardinals as a team would step up and
start playing the way they played all season! What's
up with these bad hacks at the ball? The stupid
baserunning errors, and the way our pitchers are
afraid to throw a strike when they have two strikes on
someone - Jesus. I can't take this.

I won't be happy if we lose, but I can live with it -
unless Boston sweeps us. Because, frankly, they're not
that good a team. Houston was better than them, and we
beat Houston.

I'm just going back to drinking heavily and adding
pain medication on top. It just hurts too much.

However, I've managed to convince myself that we're
going after Johnson in the offseason. But maybe I'm
just grasping at straws.

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