Wednesday, October 27, 2004

At Least I Can Start Sleeping Again

I kept waiting for the earthquake, the pestilence, the fire, but it never came.

Near as I can tell, someone drugged, bribed or kidnapped the Cardinals and replaced them with a high school team.

Well, I haven't slept in three weeks, thanks to baseball. I can finally catch up. My house is a mess, my life is in disarray, and I haven't eaten a decent meal in weeks (no, apparently, Doritos and popcorn is NOT a decent meal).

But, the sun will rise tomorrow, and I'll wake up, walk the dog, and shoo any passed-out Red Sox fans off my front yard. Unless they overturned my car - then I'm going to ask for their help in turning it back over - after I club them over the head.

Now I can start focusing on the important things -- dog, showering, plumbing, poker.

And spring training is only 121 days away . . .


Anonymous said...

Man, I was hoping that the lunar eclipse would be a sign that the "Curse" was going to pop up an the cards would sweep the last four. I can not believe the Red Sox swept the cards. Oh well, at least there's Hockey. oh wait, Damn IT. Aaron

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who's life was 'interuppted' by the post season! No wonder I'm so tired today! _lisa

Gordon said...

You know, letting go and moving on is the first sign of well as mucho poker.