Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Quiz Time!

Try to guess how I'm going to spend my last day on the job tomorrow:

  • Asleep
  • Setting fire to my desk - if I can't have it, no one will.
  • Drinking a case of Pale Ale at my desk
  • Stealing anything not bolted down
  • Downloading pornography (OK -- I do that EVERY day, but it'll be the last time - honest! I can quit any time!)
  • Putting my terrible plan for world conquest into motion - all the pawns are nearly in place . . .
  • Cutting myself
  • Cutting everyone else
  • Dancing the monkey every time I walk down the aisle
  • Unscrew all the lightbulbs around my cube, closing the blinds, and every time people pass by, I'll grab their ankles and whisper "It's warmer down here. Join us!"
  • Sing Joni Mitchell's classic "Big Yellow Taxi" over the intercom
  • Repling to any e-mails one word at a time
  • Three-Card Monty!
  • Banging my head off the desk and walls because the voices won't stop - they just keep talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and
  • Tequila Thursday!

Any other suggestions?


Farrell said...

Tomorrow is going to be the most fun day I'll ever have at work if you do even half the things on your list!! Though the "cutting" part is a bit scary...

Gordon said...


Here are a few more:

Get on the Intercom and announce, "My name is Brian...and I'm not wearing pants!"
Tell your boss that he needs to "put the Boy back in Boyardee"
Say "Cute tush" to all of your coworkers, male and female
Dress like Conan, the barbarian

Have a great last day!