Monday, July 19, 2004

Random Crap, Part XXXIII

Every once in awhile, I feel the need to clean out the inbox that is my brain. Odd thoughts clutter things up, keeping me from giving my usual witty insights and razor-sharp social commentary. Man, I really need to lay off the brandy before I start writing here . . .

  • I honestly believe that if you spend more than three days watching daytime television, you can be declared legally insane. While waiting for some plumbers to come out this morning, I was dividing my time between Star Trek (and the Space Hippie episode to boot!), Highlander and some makeover show where some nosy friends took a pretty redhead and turned her into - I'll admit it - a gorgeous redhead. Usually, I have nothing but scorn for these shows, but given my options this morning, I found it oddly compelling. I blame the opium.
  • Why do I keep driving up Morgan Ford? There's always some car driving at five miles per hour up the street, causing my blood pressure to spike dangerously.
  • I've been involved in a lot of drama lately, which I can't really get into details yet. However, I find it funny that there's been tons of bile and vinegar spilled over this - mainly by people who hide behind anonymous tags on various web sites. What ever happened to boldly stating your convictions? Heck, I might not agree with you, but I certainly am more likely to listen to what you have to say. I'm bet that most of these people who are so full of righteous anger and conspiracy theories won't be coming forward to speak their piece at the elections.
  • There's a gaping hole in my kitchen ceiling, but at least my wallet is $300 lighter. On the plus side, my pipes don't leak anymore.
  • I no longer believe that the Cardinals really need Randy Johsnon, but I would still make a move for him. Can you imagine the bedlam with the Big Unit in a Cards uniform? Bring on the playoffs!
  • Last night, I played catcher at our softball game. The position has really been growing on me of late. I really enjoyed how our pitcher SHOWED UP to the game drunk as hell. Every pitch careened to the left. Amazing. I try to time my drunkenness to hit by the fifth or so inning - you get a few solid innings of play in followed by a few solid innings of being drunk. I'm a big fan of the golden mean.


Lime Girl said...

I love drunk softball....and I can see why you like playing catcher if you plan on tying a good buzz on. You really don't run much and don't have to really think about the game when you are behind the plate. I can appreciate you teammate's state of drunkeness....that was me at Saturday's softball tourney. Fantastic.

Gordon said...

Once I made the mistake of using Morganford as a "short cut" home after a meeting in Jefferson County.

Big, BIG mistake - a 40 minute trip ended up taking an hour and a half. Go figure.