Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hey, You! Out of the Gene Pool!

While searching for a parking spot in downtown Clayton this afternoon, I noticed a tall, balding gentleman striding up the middle of the street, tie flapping in the breeze.

As I passed, he said to another gentleman, also in the center of the street, "Man, you could get run over out here."

Now, the nearest crosswalk was approximately 15 feet away. It was around noon, in Clayton - a business hub in St. Louis County. People are bustling around, foraging for lunch and running errands.

That means there's a lot of cars on the road. Strangely enough, there weren't any on the sidewalks - That's where the people roamed. The cars stuck to the streets.

And here's this jackass and his friend, jackass junior, walking up the middle of the street bitching about how the mean cars might run over their stupid behinds.

I almost felt regret when I backed over them.


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