Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I spent Mother's Day in the traditional way -- at the casino with my mother and grandmother. Needless to say, I was kind of excited; it's been months since I've been to the boat, and I always enjoy sitting at the tables with my brother.

We made our way to the Pai Gow Poker tables, which were full. We stood. We waited.

We waited some more.

The dealer was actually talking to us while we were waiting for a seat to open.

Finally, a gentleman had enough. He stood up to leave, David gave me the nod. I was excited, and I eagerly went for the seat -- only to be cut off.

"I'm sorry. We're holding that seat for someone," said the dealer.

"Huh?" I eloquently replied. "You're what?"

"I have someone waiting for that seat."

"Well I don't see this person waiting for that seat."

"They're calling her right now."

"Jesus. I'm out of here." We turned to move, and the dealer and one of the gamblers tried talking of leaving - which they gave up when the VIP walked up to the table.

Now I know I'm nowhere near a VIP. But I think if you're standing around waiting for a spot on a lousy $10 table, you should be given priority. Instead, I was cut off because someone called "Dibs" - and I wasn't even around to hear it.

So I paid Harrah's back by winning $12 at the slot machines and drinking three free Diet Cokes. Oh, and I used the bathroom and flushed twice.

So Harrah's, you're going to have to survive without my $30 every four months.

Who's the big winner now?

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