Thursday, April 01, 2004

Who Says Romance is Dead?

A co-worker told me of her friend's 30th birthday party the night before; how her friend's boyfriend rented a party room at the Ritz-Carlton and had it stocked with mountains of appetizers and rivers of booze.

And I, never afraid to boldly stick my foot in my mouth, said "For 30? Isn't he raising the bar awfully high? What's he going to do when she hits 40 - if he's around that long?"

Co-worker looked at me sadly for a moment and said "I think it's romantic. It shows how much he likes her."

"But he has nowhere to go but down!" I came back at her with this brilliant response.

She shrugged and replied "I think romance is dead; it was a neat idea and a fun party. She was completely surprised and blown away by the party."

And I ran out of gas here. Where could I go? I was thinking he's kind of a sucker. MAYBE if they're married, or if they've been together for a long time. Or they will be married, but if he's only just been seeing her for a few months?

She's going to expect more. Bigger parties. Better food. Longer trips. I would have gone with a nice surprise party - with hills of appetizers and creeks of booze. Save bigger for later, dammit!

Of course, there may be a reason he's throwing parties for his girlfriend and I'm throwing parties for myself (granted, they're good parties, but you can only drink alone so many times before people start talking).

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