Thursday, April 29, 2004

Slow News Day

So I'm sitting here, watching the news and they've spent approximately one minute talking about President Bush meeting with the 9-11 Commission (a.k.a. Let's find a scapegoat! What were YOU doing in August 2001?), the fighting in Iraq and the potential cease fire and how their news chopper helped track down some shoplifters. Then they spent something like 5 minutes on the new Ellen DeGeneres show now appearing on Channel 5 (the channel I happened to be watching) and about three minutes on where ladies can find single men (they didn't show my house --- I thought about offering it up as a good hotspot, but that damned restraining order keeps me from contacting television personalities in person).

What I learned here is there is apparently NO depth to which networks will sink to pimp their programming. Personnally, I thought the only bit of news in there was that someone actually believes Ellen is funny. Who knew? Oh, and apparently that "Friends" show is ending. Huh.

Nothing like wasting time reporting on the upcoming Presidential election, Iraq/Afghanistan, the (ahem) "War" on Terror, the stagnating economy, home rule finally being voted on in St. Louis, the squabbles between homeless shelters in town, the whole "Oil for Food" bribery scandal that's brewing.

Nope. We get several minutes on Ellen and how she dances at the beginning of each show.

It's becoming easier to see why only about three people vote in elections anymore.

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