Tuesday, March 30, 2004


  • I admit it - I'm addicted to trashy dating shows. Elimidate and Blind Date make late-night television worth watching.
  • Is it wrong to watch the evening newscast -not for the news, but because you think one of the reporters is hot?
  • Yesterday, while wearing my headphones, I pretended not to hear my boss for a good five minutes - and he didn't try to get my attention - he just stood there!
  • What's all the fuss with the DaVinci Code?
  • The mayor is trying to get St. Louis to slim down and NOT be the Fattest City on Earth. I say we should lead in something other than having a really good World's Fair 100 years ago, so why not be the fattest city? Lord knows I'm doing my part . . .
  • Five days until the Cardinals start the quest for third place.
  • Derby Owners Club is the greatest video game ever created - except for maybe Gyruss.

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