Saturday, February 07, 2004

Jumbled Thoughts

The house is a mess, I'm tired and sick, and it's just been one of those nothing days. And there's a fly buzzing over my head.

For some reason, the fly concerns me. First off, where did it come from? Shouldn't it have flown south with all his friends right now, or is that birds? I always confuse them . . .

All kidding aside, there are times when it must be nice to have the freedom of stupidity a fly has. Things you did ten years ago can't jump up in your head and start pounding around inside, bringing back anger, sadness or regrets. Hell, as a fly, you can't remember how you came into the house, so you just buzz around the windows or lights and keep trying to get out.

Of course, you'd ultimately starve to death, so there's probably a better option out there. Like bourbon. But this is more a random musing than a treatiste on memory, so I'll move on.

I'm sick of the cold. I'm tired of the ice. Parallel parking is a bitch in the ice, and it scares me how people just don't take care of their cars. I nearly slid into a parked a green Saturn with balding tires while trying to squeeze into the small space behind the car. Fortunately, I missed it.

Later, there was a maroon Cavalier with a caved in front bumper parked on my parking pad when I returned home. Needless to say, this pissed me off. Not only did this jackass take one of my parking spots without my permission, but he left a bunch of empty beer bottles on the ground around where he parked. Now I get to clean up his mess on top of being inconvenienced by this ass.

The radio hit new levels of suck today. Insulting commercials. Lousy music. Dimwitted talkshow hosts and sports commentators that are apparently paid by the word. It made for some long drives in our Midwest winter wonderland. Fortunately, I'm home, warm and listening to the Clash.

That's all I have for now. Like I said, I'm fighting a cold, so I think I want to get a little sleep tonight before facing tomorrow.

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