Friday, January 16, 2004

Miscellaneous Stuff

Life has hit one of those lulls, so today will just be some random stuff - although I promise to write more. I've been slacking lately, and it will stop.

I need to figure out how to slap my boss down for last week's episode of "Treat Brian Like He's Stupid" -- he described what an ice bucket does, because apparently I'm too damn dumb to know better. I thought about just killing him on the spot, but that seemed like it might be a little extreme.

I'd pity him for being in a bad no-win situation, but he's such a horse's ass that I simply can't. Hopefully, I'll be out of there soon. Or else I'll need the number of a good body disposer. Know any? How about a nice pig farm? That'll do, too.

One bit of very good news -- I'm going to be an uncle later this year. My brother will be a fantastic father, and I'm really excited for him. I thought my mother was going to explode when she told me. She was going in for knee surgery the next day and she was kind of nervous about it, so this took her mind off things nicely. Of course, no one's called her "Grandma" yet.

Originally, this post was called "Frustration" and it was a musing on how we go from finding something relaxing to frustrating. I still think it an interesting idea and I want to explore it more, but it was also pretty damned moody and depressing. Perhaps later.

'Night, world. Keep your nose warm and your conscience clean.

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