Monday, January 05, 2004

2003 - The Year of Happy Futility

2003 is over. Finally.

And I'm back on the Internet - hopefully on a more permanent basis. So first off, I should say that this PC doesn't like me. It growls at me. It watches me with suspicion as I walk in the room. It drew blood the other night. You're probably asking what causes a computer to develop such a powerful dislike for someone? Let me tell you - it knows. It knows that I'm going to replace it sometime after I find a new job.

But the thing is that it'll just go back to my mom, who will definitely treat it better than I do, so I don't understand the hostility. However, if I wake up dead some day, strangled to death by a power cord and a NIC card sticking out of my mouth, then you might be able to find the suspect - it's the squat square grey dude huddling under my desk.

So let's get back on message. 2003 is over. Finished. Fini. Over. Done. No more, and I have to say I'm happy about this. About two weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend, and we declared 2003 the year of happy futility. I hate my job, but at least I have one. I had the most friendly breakup ever - we're still friends (Really. Honest!)

Basically, nothing played out the way I wanted it to, but I still had a mostly good time. Although winning more kickball games would definitely bring things up a few notches.

Since I pulled in two hours of sleep last night, I need to wrap this up. Sorry. I lied -- no more lists this year, but next year's will be a lot better. I have plans and stuff.

Farewell 2003, may 2004 be the year of unfettered success for all.

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