Sunday, December 14, 2003

Flu 1, Brian 0

I spent a lot of time with the television over the past three days. Thanks to co-workers, I came down with the flu on Thursday. The day opened like any other, but by 10:30, I was shivering and exhausted.

So I spent many, many hours watching television, and let me tell you - it wasn't pretty. When you're actually looking forward to an episode of Hercules, I think it can safely be said that you're starved for entertainment.

Unlike many people, I don't sleep when I'm sick. I can't. I might doze for 15 minutes or so, but I can never fully sleep, unless I heavily medicate myself. Which means TV, and I pity those who spend all day at home watching television. They have a truly empty existance.

What did I learn? Taking a magic pill will cause you to lose 50 lbs. in two weeks! Women will hate you unless you buy them diamonds for Christmas! It's easy to refinance or get an equity loan. If you don't refinance, you're a weenie! And so on.

My only solace in this time was the first two seasons of Homicide, which I bought on DVD a few weeks ago. This truly was the best show on television - the characters were all realized - with flaws and vulnerabilities, the scripts were always excellent, and the good guys didn't always win, nor did they always do what was right.

I can see why the show didn't last; it was too deep and too dark, but for anyone looking for a show that didn't pull any punches, run out and rent or buy the DVDs. You won't be sorry.

But now, I'm on the road to recovery. My fever has abated, and I'm getting ready to rejoin the world. After I take my weight-loss pill, buy some diamonds and fill out this loan application.

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